"2020 Young Orators Competiton TV Show" Started

Time: 2020年06月23日 10:00 - 2020年08月31日 10:00

Let spoken expression and writing abilities be linked together, what can be written is not necessarily spoken, and what can be written may not necessarily be spoken!


In oral composition, we reevaluate the important points and stress on mental training, it is also known as ‘impromptu’ oral training. It's similar to drafting a composition using speech before you actually write it. It's also called brain storming. This kind of mental training for drafting compositions can significantly improve the children’s writing quality in the future.


Oral composition can not only cultivate the student’s ability to observe and use self-expression, but more importantly, practice logical thinking in languages. We hope that all the students can become masters of studying language and characters, and can take a significant step of improvement in learning and actively practicing these methods in life. With this in mind, Living Word Shanghai, together with Shanghai Xuandong cartoon channel, promotes 2020 "the youth and unconventional way of learning" a speech activity for students interested in oral composition.



The predecessor of "The extraordinary youth" is the "youth oral composition style TV show" sponsored by SMG Shanghai radio and television station ToonMax TV and Shanghai writing society. The event has been held twice in Shanghai, with more than 200 primary and secondary schools and more than 10000 students actively participating in it, which has been widely been praised by the local community.


This year's activities have been upgraded in several aspects. According to the national wind of cultivating the next generation, under literature and language, the Ministry of education has resolutely implemented the strong foundation plan, and invited distinguished teachers in various fields, recommended reading bibliographies for students, and integrated advanced educational concepts such as general reading, writing, speech, social practice and discipline integration.


"The youth and unconventional way of learning" naturally combines the input and output of general learning, guiding the students to feel the essence of words and expressions by reading and reflecting, learning and cooperation, and carrying the ability of interdisciplinary reading and speculation, have a global vision and thought process, and provide them with a platform to express their views so as to cultivate more outstanding interdisciplinary talents 



SMG ToonMax TV

Shanghai Private Primary and Secondary School Association

Shanghai Writing Society 

Shanghai Chinese Society 

Shanghai Language Test Center


First prize winner of excellent children's program of SARFT 

Shanghai SMG composition Town Column Group

Yu, Jianjun

Associate Professor, School of philosophy, Fudan University;


Yu, Hai

Professor and doctoral supervisor, School of social development and public policy, Fudan University

Hu, Fanzhu

Professor, doctoral supervisor, National Center for discourse ecology, East China Normal University


Bao, Zhijun

Professor, East China Hospital, Fudan University

Chief physician, doctoral supervisor

Qi, Hongxing

Researcher of Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics;

大咖评委  现场助阵

Registration time: (June 15-august 31, 2020);

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In January 2021, this will be an academic Carnival!


All the teachers and students participating in the activity will gather together to freely express their style and creativity and get their academic recognition. All students who sign up for this activity will be invited to participate in the scene either online or offline! They will be involved in the academic Carnival!

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