Letter from the President

Time: 2020年08月05日 10:01 - 2020年08月31日 10:01
Address: 上海美高双语学校

Dear parents,



Summer vacation is coming again, and the 2019-2020 academic yearhas passed in a twinkling of theeye. This year is destined to be an extraordinary year. So far, theCovid-19epidemic is still raging around the world. It is undeniable that the epidemic has brought difficulties and unpredictable challenges, but the experience of joint positive response has also brought us precious experience. Fortunately, the Living Word Shanghai families and schools have successfully spent an unusual semester together, and we are hoping to usher in a safe and healthy new school year together in September.


According to the my convention, at the beginning of each holiday, I have carefully assigneddifferent speech topics for students of different ages as one of their summer assignments:


Grade 1-3: What's the smartest question I asked mom and dad?


Grade 4-6: During coronavirus home quarantine, my parents helped me develop goodstudyhabits, should I keep them in the future?


Grade7-9: What is freedom? Who can enjoy real freedom?


After the beginning of the new semester, the children will still participate in the class speech contest first and give a speech in front of the whole class. The top five students will be selected to enter into a speech contest in front of the entire school. I hope that parents will urge their children to prepare carefully. We also hope that our children will understand: cherish today and trytheirbest to do everything well before they have confidence to meet a better tomorrow.


We are looking forward to the full cooperation of all parents, wishing you all a peaceful summer!


President: Edward J. Fang

Living Word ShanghaiBilingual School

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