The Words of Our Principal for the First Semester of the 2018-2019 School Year

Dear Parents,
First of all, I wish tothank you each and every one of you for your keen awareness, forward-thinking,and wise judgment, and finally for entrusting your child to Living WordShanghai. In taking the first step in your child's educational journey, let ustake the opportunity to work together and create a positive environment for allour kids.
It is my solemn pledgethat LWS will do its utmost to work together with all parents to create ahealthy environment for your children and develop a correct, diligent,positive, healthy, and happy life. We believe in consistently improving bydemanding a higher standard for both the school and the kids. We hope to continueto develop their young impressionable minds with the right concepts, habits,and comprehensive ability. With the goal of being properly developed to goanywhere in the world and meet whatever challenges they face, becoming a worldleader in all walks of life with an international outlook for the future.
The school continues toadhere to the teaching philosophy of Sino-US education integration, which aimsto highlight the advantages of both Chinese and Western cultures, and carefullyexplores a school-based curriculum with international education ideas, withoutlosing the rigorous and solid basic education of China’s education system. Withrich Chinese-foreign cooperation in all subjects, the children are placed in aninnovative learning environment that is both rigorous and broad executed in amultilingual environment (Chinese, English, German, French, Japanese, Korean,etc.).
Through the integrationof Chinese and foreign fusion, it creates a unique teacher-student interactionwith an emphasis on the best of both worlds. At LWS we emphasize bilingual useand aim to make English the "second mother tongue" while forming arich basis for development in further languages as they progress through theirgrades. When LWS students graduate, they will obtain a double-graduate diplomafrom both China and the United States, which undoubtedly provides our childrenwith more diverse opportunities for improvement in the future.
In such critical stagesof development as primary and middle school students, the courses we offer arecontinuously improved and modified to fulfill the primary goal of coreknowledge education. With this in hand, it can lead to the 2nd stagegoals of further developing an international outlook and mindset.

 Living Word Shanghai Core Curriculum System
Primary School Curriculum Goals
Living Word Shanghai’sPrimary School Curriculum is designed to instill the following values instudents.
Allow students toappreciate and enjoy the process of learning as well as their teachers, school environment,and their fellow classmates.
A proper Chinese-Englishbilingual education, that allows them to appreciate language as an effectivetool.
Active involvement inmusic, art, sports, and develop personal passions & interests.
Good manners and personalhygiene.
Strengthened grasp ofspoken and written English.
A correct sense of socialresponsibility, social skills, and teamwork.
Active participation inclass discussions, confidence in public speaking and ability to express theirviews.
The English teachers of LWS currently use the NewConcept English Youth Edition to help students build confidence in their basicEnglish skills. The entry level of the first and second grades is based on thesimple accumulation of phonetic reading and dialogue with a focus on situationaldialogues, and moving on news and articles in the third and fourth grades. Thefifth-grade text moves on to complex stories involving ideals and concepts. Forall our Foreign teachers, English is the cornerstone, teaching our kids inlistening, oral, reading & writing, and comprehension. Only through masteryof basic comprehension and overall usage of English can they move on to hardertasks such as grasps of concept, moral lessons, and ideas behind a text.
At present, children in the first and secondgrades of elementary school can communicate with foreign teachers and teachersin the classroom using English and can begin reading children's picture books.Students in grades 3 and 4 use English to conduct deeper exchanges with bothour Foreign staff as well as Chinese teachers, such as sharing their thoughtsand opinions and being able to read English storybooks on their own. Thefifth-grade students can sort out grammar and properly use the language in anatural and fluent way. 
Middle School Curriculum Goals
Living Word Shanghai’s MiddleSchool Curriculum is designed to instill the following values in students
Interest in music, arts, andsports. Development of personal interests with potential for furtherexploration.
Able to efficiently use PowerPointpresentation software as well as other tools in order to conduct a formal topicpresentation.
Actively participation in classdiscussions, confidence in public speaking, the confidence to express their ownviews while being respectful of others’ viewpoints.
The development of positivepsychology, manners, and good personal hygiene.
Nurture an International mindset,good awareness of social responsibility, and form proper social skills.
Practical knowledge in Physics,Chemistry, and Biology to lay a good foundation in the sciences.
Develop a passion for learning andthe correct learning methods associated with success.
Help students master a secondlanguage other than English. The school offers courses in German, French,Spanish, Korean, Japanese, and Russian.
ESL class, which is divided intofour levels, can start at junior high. The textbook used by ESL is a highschool English encyclopedia. The content includes a variety of articles,related to history, art, and sports. It aims to improve the English proficiencyof students with the goals of TOEFL. The foreign language curriculum continueswith the contents of our primary school using the same series of foreignlanguage textbooks called Keystone. The content of the textbook can enhancestudents' ability for critical thinking and teamwork. The junior high schoolcurriculum mostly cooperates with student groups and enhances students'communication, writing, and creative ability.
Take the current eighth grade asan example. The total average score of the TOEFL exam has improved to 55 pointsfrom just two years ago, and the ninth grade has improved to 68 points overall.In the foreign language curriculum, students have more opportunities toprogress in higher learning opportunities. (EX: Summary, analysis, and makingkeynotes.)
In accordance with curriculumstandards, we focus on developing students' good behavior, study habits,planning, self-reflection, and overall work ethic. In order to cultivatestudents' good conduct and comprehensive quality, we aim to create a morehigh-tech campus.
We currently conduct a monthlytheme for each month of the semester. Each with its own unique topic andactivities such as civilized etiquette month, study habit month, charity month,and new year culture month etc. Take civilized etiquette month, for example,there are activities such as classroom etiquette, language etiquette, schooluniform etiquette, communication etiquette and with its own unique flair.
The school's moral educationdepartment and discipline teamwork jointly to complete the theme of LWSCivilization Campus Theme Month, showing the outstanding style and good schoolspirit of the students.
Our primary goal is to create awarm and harmonious living and learning environment and adopt four keycombinations. 1) clearly define requirements and specific guidance 2) stimulateinterest and rigorous training 3) persuasion education is combined with rolemodel demonstration 4) self-evaluation and joint efforts of teachers andstudents to construct a self-improving classroom.
In the classroom, the teachersadopt the teaching method of both Chinese and Western philosophies, usedialogue and heuristic teaching to allow students to participate in theclassroom, allowing for emotional experiences that help students to quickly andcorrectly understand the content of textbooks; learning the key skills ofdiscovering problems analyzing problems and effectively solving problems.Outside the classroom, students can turn knowledge into practical applicationsthrough a wealth of activities, firmly consolidating what they have learned.The combination of teaching modes inside and outside the classroom not onlyhelps students to strengthen their basic knowledge but also cultivates arational, organized and systematic way of thinking.
LWS strives to cultivate students'correct outlook on life and values and strives to find a balance in allaspects. We will strive to achieve modernity while maintaining traditionalstandards.
Spring Term LWS
LWSactively carries out various activities to enrich campus life and provideschildren with a class and stage to show their selves and highlight their ownspecialties.
HappyActivities Day - as a form of extended curriculum, plays an important role incultivating and stimulating students' hobbies, developing students' potential,and promoting students' personality development. For the students, our schoolsociety is a melting pot, exercising its diverse qualities and abilities. Thereare more than 20 kinds of primary school clubs in our school. These are French,Piano, Chinese Painting, Guitar and Ukulele, Street Dancing, Clay Crafting,English Dubbing, Gourmet Food Crafting, little public speaker society, and gameclub.
LWSholds the annual Happy Palace event, math fun competition, LWS oral speakingcontest, essay competition, and art creative activities. The students thissemester have demonstrated their elegance in many fields.
2019 Dare toDreams, Colorful Campus” event was the theme of this concluding semester, the childrenall had a wonderful debut full of vitality. The joyful music along with thepacked parents admired their children's performances and showed their happinesswith a smile on their face. The children used their beautiful songs and elegantdance to fully demonstrate their talent. They promoted communication betweenchildren, parents, and teachers, and the program brought great joy to theentire student body. 
LWSalso illuminates the road of students in science & technology explorationand creates new achievements. In the "Tree Cup" Shanghai FutureEngineer Competition, the team LWS team with more than 60 schools won the firstprize and the second prize respectively.
The5th training camp youth football competition held in Huaying, our school wonthe junior runner-up and the primary school group champion. The spirit of thechildren's hard work is the embodiment of the spirit of team play andcompetition.
Givelove to others is a key ideal of LWS. On November 15th and November 19th, theKey Club held two fund-raising events successfully! Donations big and smallsand generosity that brought us to tears.
TheMoon Cake festival events allowed students to make their own mooncakes andstimulate students' interests in the traditional Mid-Autumn Festival.
Underthe glory of Dongyang, our school has spent two weeks conducting socialpractice activities inside and outside of the school. With charity andEnvironmental Protection as the goal, each elementary school departmentcompletes an A3 event poster, and each of the junior high school studentscompleted a social awareness report.
EnterHarvard: The DIN&TONICS choir from Harvard University presented a sincereaudio-visual performance. With their own personal experiences, they told thestory of their experiences with Harvard and took us behind the scenes of theworld-class institution.
The “PsychologicalCounseling Group” of our school is a major feature of the school:
1 Equipped with 4 excellent teachers,including 2 doctoral students and 1 master's degree. Two of them are nationalsecond-level psychological counselors. One has had special educationqualifications, taught in both Chinese and English. The Sunshine Psychologycourse, which includes an exploration of happiness, emotions, self-control,compassion, gratitude, traumatic growth, explores the mental health in the secondhalf of the year.
2 The “Parent Classroom” course helpsparents by having a Classroom-Psychological Lecture and was equipped withvideos to provide points and feedback.
3 For new students, the school carries outpsychological tests and understand their psychological status includingunderstanding the psychological problems that may occur after the new studentsenter the school.
4 We treat each student as a unique individualand respect the student to keep all counseling confidential and deal withissues such as academic confusion, anxiety, cultural conflicts, depression,family conflicts, social problems, grief, low self-esteem, stress, andadaptation problems with all due haste and urgency.
Wealso have regular parent engagement days where the class teacher invitesparents to teach students in both Chinese and English in the fields of thespecialty such as technology, music, humanities, sports, and health. 
In thefirst semester of the 2018-2019 school year, 13 awards were awarded in thefirst semester of the school year: Civilization Star, Learning Star, LoveAmbassador, Painting Expert, Robot Contest, Chinese Happy Palace, MathematicalOral Calculation, American Mathematical Competition AMC, English SpeakingSpeech, English Composition, Fanghua Cup Football Tournament, American HonoraryStudents Association. 400 students are currently in our primary school, 152 arein the middle school, 552 in the whole school displaying a healthy and vibrantmix of different ages and grades.
A thousand miles begins with a single step.Achieving a bright future for children, a harmonious blend of Chinese andAmerican cultures and a richness of environment is absolutely necessary to formyour children's happiness, and lifelong development.
Dear parents! I hope that you will activelycooperate with us to foster healthy and happy growth for all children
We firmly believe that in the near future,LWS will definitely not forget its founding principles. Moving forward we hopeto move towards a brighter future, and create a new and innovative educationalenvironment for our students and become a leading example for China and theworld!
Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to wish all our dear parents a happy new year and success in alltheir endeavors!
Mrs Jiang
Living Word Shanghai 
January 30, 2019