A Letter From President Mr Fang

Dear Parents:
Greetings& Salutations! It is with great pleasure that I take this opportunity to extend mybest wishes to you and your family in both peace, joy, and success as we look forward to 2019
Like me,many of you have already made plans for the upcomingNew Year celebration, and I hope everyone willseize on this opportunity to take some well-deserved rest and have a full & happy New Year! At the same time, I alsohope to extend my hand and ask for continued supportfrom all our parents as well. I believe that with your continued cooperation we cancreate a positive and successful experience for all our kids as we celebrate anew beginning.   
Van Gogh (Vincent Van Gogh) wasrecognized as one of the greatest artistic geniuses of alltime, the current auctionsfor his paintingsare some of the highest priced works in history. When alivethough, his genius was notrecognized, and even though his brother had tried to sell his paintings, it was alwaysunsuccessful. It was not until his eventual suicide that histalent was firstacknowledged. Ihave been asking myself why such a talented artist was subject tosuch underwhelming appraisal,yetafter his death became considered as one of the most important artists in human history.I would say itdefies logic butafter a long time of consideration, I suddenly understood why. Whether people knew backthan Van Gogh’s artistic talents, if he could notproperly communicate with others then the greatest of talentcan be mistaken for mediocrity. It is like a diamond in the rough, yet withoutpolish its hard to be found. A person’s talent is only as great as his abilityto express his talents and have it be seen by others. 
 Over the past two months, I have spent most of my time counseling ourGrade 12 students in their application for their higher education studies. I have found many of our children to be extremely talented, and clear their goals & direction.Yet when applyingfor college they could not properly express themselves andform a narrative to their life and ideas. This often leads to setbacks in their application. Aleader must inspire others through narrative and forming an ideal. Thus it isimportant for our schoolchildren to understand how to tell stories and formideas starting fromelementary school. As they grow up to continue todevelop their talents. Like a diamond a slow polish forms the best gleam. For theseprized kids to express their talents & abilities and establish themselvesas leaders in society, we must aim for continuous improvement throughout theiryoung age. 
Dear parents, because of this, I hope that both theparents and our school will takeadvantage in this festive holiday season and trulythink on the concept of building confidence and forming their own ideas,becoming true storytellers in their own right. Here, we have set up different topics forstudents of different ages:

Grade 1---3 grades: Please explain to your child about your current job,why you chose this career? Are you happy with your work and whatis your best sense ofaccomplishment?
Grade 4 - Grade 6: Please tell your children where your ancestors came from?How your family line has developed to what is now today and came tolive in Shanghai? What has your family learned through the countless generations?
Grade 7 - Grade 9: If you can help your child choose a motto that affects their life going forward andhelp them grasp the concept of shaping their lives to ahigher ideal and principal. Amotto that allows your children touse and follow for the future?
After the start of the new semester, each teacher will arrange for each child inaccordance with the above title, to do a lecture &presentation in class.This is a chance to do a speech in front of the class for all their peers.Five students will have the opportunity toparticipate in a university-level speech contest. If our children can be from a very youngage, properly communicate and express themselves. Ifthey can from the ability and confidence to tell stories both of themselvesand others, then I believe theirlife and career development will truly be improved inevery regard.
I look forward to your cooperationand wish you all a happy new year!

Mr Fang

Living Word Shanghai
January 30, 2019