School Services

Living Word Shanghai is a school with a high level of professional services and facilities for our students to ensure they receive excellent service in all areas of the campus. As a boarding school, we provide students with the necessary services requires for a comfortable learning and living experience, such as: catering services, supermarkets, school bus services, counseling services, and professional medical care. We leave out no detail to meet all the needs of our students!

Living Word Shanghai has a school bus service for non-boarding students that passes through urban and residential areas with several different bus routes. The bus provides a specialized pick-up and drop-off service based on students’ needs.

We provide a breakfast, lunch, and dinner meal service for all students. Students are able to choose between Western style cuisine and Chinese style cuisine, and are also able to choose the quantity. The menu is updated every month to ensure that student never eat the same thing twice.

Living Word Shanghai’s uniform is a symbol of identity for its students. There are 3 sets of clothes, one for spring, one for winter, and one set of exercise clothes. The uniforms are made of high quality material and are designed in an American fashion style.

As a boarding school the student dormitories are particularly important. Boys and girls dormitories are separated and come in two to six-person dormitory rooms. Each student has a full set of furniture to make dormitory living as comfortable as possible.

Living Word Shanghai has a dedicated hospital on campus to treat students’ medical needs on-site. There is also a counseling team to help students who are dealing with mental health issues.