Community Service

Facilitate Creation of Student Associations
Living Word Shanghai not only values academic performance but also places importance on the ability of students to have and pursue their own interests and hobbies. The school currently has a variety of independent associations where students can find like-minded partners and have more opportunities for self-development and freedom.

Student associations are like a small internal society within the school. These associations help students develop interpersonal skills and also their interests and hobbies. Extracurricular activities are also important in the University application process as it demonstrates the motivation and proactivity of students.

Student Government
Compared with public schools where students are not given a large amount of autonomy, Living Word Shanghai provides students with a voice for them to express their opinions in a democratic fashion to effect change within the school. If students feel that the school’s activities are not to their satisfaction, change can be affected if they submit a proposal to student council which will then be deliberated upon to receive approval or rejection. Students can also submit proposals for new activities to be deliberated upon in the same fashion.

There are currently more than 10 student organized clubs in the school of all sorts, including news club, key club, computer club, drama club, dance club, garden club, debate club, skate club, badminton club, basketball club, soccer club, anime club, art music club, kickboxing club, and DIY club. Our basketball, football, and badminton clubs are school sports team members and participate with other International Schools in the area in competition.

Living Word Shanghai has organized a variety of competitions for students for them to better understand their capabilities as well as limitations. Competition allows for us to more deeply understand ourselves, to explore our own interests and potential, but also become familiar with our shortcomings.

International Competition

Robotics Competition
Robotics competitions serve to teach students the principles of electrical engineering, electromechanical integration, artificial intelligence, and potentially let them discover new technologies.

The field of robotics has garnered much interest from around the world and is a rapidly growing industry. Students interested in participating in robotics competition serve to develop the country’s scientific and technological innovation.

Debate Competition
Debate competitions test an individual’s ability to think logically, quickly, and effectively to express opinions and retort to others’ in a timely fashion. It is a test of knowledge, wit, and team cooperation.

The topic at hand is usually chosen well in advance to give both teams a chance to prepare and coordinate their talking points. It is usually an event that is well-known and divisive amongst society.

Music Competition
Music contributes to good sentiments and brings about positive energy in those who participate and listen to it. Music stimulates brain cells and creative energy in a way other courses don’t; Living Word Shanghai encourages and provides opportunities for performance by allowing students to perform, sing, and compete with a variety of instruments in talent shows and special concerts.

Domestic Competition
Interschool League
Living Word Shanghai offers sports leagues for its students for competition with other International Schools in the area. Participating in sports activities lets students develop healthy lifestyle while teaching them essential teamwork, team spirit skills.

Theatrical Performance
Living Word Shanghai allows students to perform on stage in theatrical performance of Chinese and Western plays, allowing students to understand elements of Chinese and Western culture, art, and performance culture.

Fashion Show
Fashion shows are always spectacular events with extravagant clothing, shoes, accessories, and bags on display. Students can select their own outfits according to current trends and organize their own fashion show. Living Word Shanghai is proud to be able to provide a platform for this type of show to be organized and take place.

Live Concert
Students are free to perform themselves, or invite professional singers to the school in order to hold a concert. Mutual performances can also be held where students can perform with the professional singer! Living Word Shanghai will make necessary arrangements and accommodations to make live concerts a special event!