School Bus

As a full-time boarding school that also offers students the option to go home at night, Living Word Shanghai provides school bus services to provide safe, convenient transportation to the school and back home.

School Bus Safety
Living Word Shanghai regularly conducts maintenance on the school bus to ensure that it is in proper working order. All school busses conform to safety standards mandated by the government and feature a GPS system, a safety hammer to emergency escape, fire extinguishers, a first aid kid, and other safety equipment. Drivers are professionally screened and bus routes are expertly designed to reduce delays and ensure safety.

Bus Lines Throughout the City
Bus routes are operational throughout the entire city and pass through districts such as Xuhui, Huangpu, Changning, Songjiang, Minhang, the downtown core, and various other residential areas in Shanghai. In the future we will open more school bus stations to provide all students with specialized bus service.

About the School Bus Stops & Schedule
Living Word Shanghai’s bus service also provides a service to take boarding students closer to home on the weekends. Starting at 3:30pm on Friday afternoons, the bus takes students away to send them home for the weekend. At 7:30pm on Sundays the school bus will pick up students from Songhong Road and take them back to the school in time for Monday classes.