Living Word Shanghai Bilingual School offers 7 different types of sports or fitness activities: basketball, football, martial arts, fitness and conditioning, yoga, dancing, and badminton.

Football course teaches students basic skills, teamwork, and team spirit. Students learn technical movement, tactics, and often form teams to play together.

Martial Arts
The Martial Arts course introduces students to basic martial arts skills and techniques. Students will learn fundamentals of martial arts as well as a variety of self-defense techniques.

Fitness & Conditioning
Fitness and Conditioning is a course designed to help students master basic aerobic movements, stretching exercises, and techniques to master senses of balance and coordination.

Yoga emphasizes the link between body and mind. Students will learn basics of flexibility and coordination, basic stances, and breathing techniques.

Dance class introduces students to different types of dances. Students will learn the fundamentals of dance techniques such as rhythm and beat and will be introduced to elements of Latin dance, including Jazz, tango, samba, cha cha, etc.

Badminton course teaches students basic technical movements and tactics of badminton. Students will learn how to properly hold a racquet, serve, and play in both singles and doubles matches.

Professional Coaches
In order to provide Living Word Shanghai students with the most professional sports guidance possible, we have hired several national professional coaches to guide students in their sports guidance. Most of them are national level athletes who have competed before at a professional level and are highly experienced in techniques and training.

Our group of outstanding coaches provides daily training to our students to allow them to develop professionally in aspects of their sports performance as well as their senses of teamwork and responsibility. Daily training allows them to develop their interest in sports activities and competition.

Ultimately, the goal is to let students become interested in sports and wanting to actively participate in sports activities as part of a healthy and active lifestyle. We aspire for our students to be proactive when it comes to playing sports and participating in such activities.

World Class Facilities
Soccer Field
Our soccer field is fully sized and regularly maintained to meet the needs of students wishing to train or practice their skills. The football field is the only field in China to be used by the Real Madrid Foundation Campus Experience every summer.

Outdoor Basketball Court
The outdoor basketball court is located immediately outside the main building and features 2 basketball hoops for students to casually socialize and practice their skills. Official basketball events are carried out in the indoor gymnasium.

Indoor Gymnasium
Our indoor gymnasium is located on the second floor. The floors are clean and the facility is brightly lit. The gymnasium is utilized for Sports activities during class hours and is a place for students to relax outside of class hours. Living Word Shanghai’s basketball team regularly holds matches against local schools in the area.

Table Tennis Tables
Table Tennis facilities are located on the second floor and are available for all students to use. Equipment is rented from the Sports department.

Dance Hall
Our dance hall is equipped with a dance pole, a large mirror on the wall, and is regularly maintained and cleaned. The dance room is the size of two classrooms and can hold many students at one time. The hall is also utilized for yoga training; students should be mindful to keep the dance hall clean and pay full attention to dress code.

Boys and Girls Locker Rooms
Boys and Girls locker rooms are located near the gymnasium and can be used for showering and changing after physical activity.

International School Sports League
Living Word Shanghai encourages students to participate in sports activities in an effort for them to lead a healthy and active lifestyle. Students interested in forming a basketball, football, or badminton team to compete in the local International School Varsity League with other International Schools in the area. Students can not only enjoy the thrill of competition, but are also able to make new friends as they travel to different areas to compete.

Excellence in Academics and Physical Education
It should be noted that only students who perform adequately on an academic level (above a certain GPA) are able to participate on sports activities. Although we understand the importance of physical activity, academic performance is of course also a priority. Students wishing to participate in the school’s sports activities must pay just as much effort to their academic performance. This bundling of responsibility ensures students can encourage each other in a mutual fashion to maintain high levels of academic and athletic performance.

School Team and Competitions
Presently, we have a basketball team, a football team, and a badminton team. Team members devote a portion of their extracurricular time to practice and hone their skills under the leadership of our professional coaches.

Matches are played against members of the International School Sports League, and students compete in a variety of championships, including a basketball championship. News about games will be updated on our website, stay tuned!