Daily Meals

Chinese and Western Diets
Compared to Chinese diets which emphasize color, Western diets emphasize health and nutrition. Living Word Shanghai provides healthy and delicious American-style diet options to its boarding students. Western-style cuisine using Chinese ingredients ensure that the food is a healthy mix of taste and nutrition.

Top-500 Globally Ranked Catering Service – Compass Group
Students need nutritious and delicious meals every day to ensure their learning objectives and needs can be met. After a long process of searching for a professional catering service that would be adequate for our needs, Living Word Shanghai settled on Compass Group, a world-renowned catering company that provides healthy and delicious meals with local flavors and ingredients.

Compass Group provides catering services for 80% of the International Schools in China, such as the Wellington School, Dulwich British School, Concordia International School, and Xiehe Bilingual School. Living Word Shanghai is proud to be a part of its catering services and Compass is committed to providing students of our school with a nutritional diet to aid in intellectual development and healthy growth of their physiques.

Healthy Balance, Less Oil and Less Salt
Living Word Shanghai’s provides to its boarding students breakfast, lunch, and dinner service in Chinese and Western cuisines so that each student can choose the food they like. Breakfast features a variety of Chinese and Western breakfast options such as milk, soymilk, and bread rolls. The lunch and dinner menu features 6 to 7 dishes with fruit and juice also available. Meals are recipes are constantly changing to ensure that students don't have to eat the same thing every day. The ability for students to eat healthy and nutritious meals is not only our responsibility, but our commitment.

We welcome all students and parents to our cafeteria to enjoy a delicious and nutritious meal!