Living Word Shanghai Bilingual School’s founder and president, Mr. Edward Jan Fang, is an esteemed alumnus of Yale University’s MBA program and is also actively involved in Yale University’s board of directors in China. He strongly believes in the importance of the integration of international perspectives into the Chinese curriculum and is involved in recruiting experts from around the world to achieve this goal. Having been involved in the field of educational consultation for over 20 years, Mr. Fang has trained nearly a million students and sent them overseas to Universities in Europe, and the United States, with several being accepted into Harvard, Yale, Cambridge, Stanford, MIT, and many other top-200 ranked Universities around the world.

Mr. Fang brings to Living Word Shanghai Bilingual School his own personal international perspectives from his early years at Yale University. To this day he insists that the benefits of a cross-cultural education are immensely powerful but that it is also important to not forget the culture of our upbringing. In his eyes, the purpose of a University education is to train future leaders to be able to face any sort of challenge, but also acknowledges that becoming an effective leader is not something that is learned overnight. He encourages students to develop good learning habits, a positive and correct outlook on life, their values, and the world.