Personalized Growth Program

Small Classes, Quality Teaching
Living Word Shanghai Bilingual School has classes not in excess of 25 students each, which allows students and teachers to have a better relationship in the classroom. Students are more able to express their ideas and thoughts in an atmosphere conducive to communication. The increased level of attention received lets teachers facilitate the development of each individual student’s talents and interests.

Development of Character
Living Word Shanghai Bilingual School believes in equal development of EQ and IQ while at the same time making sure that students are fully able to develop a strong sense of character and responsibility. We encourage students of all ages to actively participate in the learning process, possess the courage to ask questions and express differing opinions. Living Word Shanghai is committed to creating a relaxing learning environment that helps students develop their personal interests and specialties in the arts, music, and sports so as to lay a strong foundation for future achievement.

Dedicated University Application Center
With more than 20 years of experience, Living Word Shanghai Bilingual School and Global Education Alliance work together in our dedicated University application center to develop customized application packages to the University of the student’s choice. The center conducts a personalized assessment, design a comprehensive package, and are involved every step of the way in the application process.

With the help of our University application center, all graduates of our 2016 class were admitted into top-100 ranked American Universities and over 60% were admitted into top-50 ranked American Universities! Veterans Edu., a Korean training institution, works in our school as well to provide standardized examination and exam prep to our students in TOEFL, SAT, ACT subject areas to ensure students can be adequately prepared.