School Facilities

As a boarding school the student dormitories are particularly important and house all of our boarding students. Outside of the classrooms, the dormitories are where the majority of students spend the majority of their time. The construction and maintenance of these dormitories is of utmost importance to Living Word Shanghai and the school spared no expense to the dormitories were built to the utmost standard.

Hotel Style Dormitory Environment
The number of students enrolled in the school has surpassed our original dormitory capacity. Because of this we have provided new dormitories 2 kilometers away that will serve as the boys dormitory building and provides an excellent accommodation experience.

The student dormitories are strictly supervised and managed in a professional and secure way. Life teachers, security personnel, and medical personnel are always in the area and ready to serve students’ needs. Dining areas, laundry rooms, and bathing rooms are also nearby to meet the needs of every student. A shuttle bus takes students to and from the school every day.

Fully-Equipped, Well-Managed Dormitory
Living Word Shanghai has taken into the account the needs of every student in designing our dormitory facilities. We fully respect each student’s needs in their living preferences. We believe in letting students manage themselves in aspects of their dormitory life and give them the freedom to choose their own room and roommate. At the same time, Living Word Shanghai reserves to right to make necessary changes and alterations to arrangements.

Living Word Shanghai currently has 2 to 6 person dormitory rooms, separated by location and floor. A total of approximately 200 students can be accommodated in each dormitory. Each student is equipped with a set of furniture including a single bed, a desk, and cabinet. Students are required to participate in evening self-study sessions should they choose to live as a boarding student.