Music is a bridge to the soul and does not discriminate based on race, appearance, or color. It has a long history with mankind and is also an important aspect of our curriculum. Music theory and music performance are required for each of our students. We regularly hold concerts for students of all ages to allow them to showcase their skills.

Theory and Practice
Theory and practice are important aspects of our music curriculum. Music theory courses teach students about the history of music, how to appreciate the art form, and the methodology of musical creation. Practical courses teach students how to play instruments from traditional Chinese instruments to Western instruments such as the guitar, all students are required to learn theory and pick up an instrument.

Musical Theory
Musical theory courses seek to increase appreciation for music by allowing students to analyze the works of famous composers of the past and present such as Beethoven, Mozart, Bach, John Williams, etc.

Music Performance Program
Orchestra courses allow students to perform together as a coherent whole and will also examine the history of orchestral performance to give students a better idea of the evolution of orchestral performance over different periods of time.

Music Production
Music production courses guide students to create music with recording technology and involve them in the creation process. Students learn fundamentals of composition and theory and will learn to use the appropriate equipment and software.

Choir courses teach students correct singing posture, breath control, intonation, and rhythm techniques. It also encourages students to develop interest in singing together in a choir setting.

Campus Concert
Living Word Shanghai’s campus concert is a student-led initiative designed to encourage students to show off their musical performance ability. Concerts are held once a month and all interested parties including students, parents, and community members are welcome to attend.

Foreign-taught Music Courses
Our Music Department head is from the United States, a rarity in International Schools in China. An experienced teacher and performer, his courses feature pure Western musical theory and performance theory. Additionally, students interested in improving the music curriculum can submit a proposal to the school where it will be considered and approved based on need and reasoning.

Shanghai Symphony Orchestra
Living Word Shanghai Bilingual School has associations with the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra; a wonderful opportunity for students. The Shanghai Symphony Orchestra is the oldest symphony orchestra in Asia with many world-class conductors, soloists, singers. The orchestra has previously performed at places such as Carnegie Hall, the Berlin Philharmonic Hall. Living Word Shanghai is proud of this association with this influential orchestra in China and Asia.