Real Madrid Foundation Summer Camp

Living Word Shanghai is proud of our focus on sports and its importance in a curriculum and the life of students. With cooperation from the Real Madrid Foundation, Living Word Shanghai has been hosting summer camps every summer since 2014 to train students in football techniques with the help of a Real Madrid Foundation football star.

Real Madrid Football Club
Real Madrid Football Club is one of the most prestigious football clubs in the world with stars such as Stefano, Zidane, Ronaldo, Raul, Casillas, all having represented the club before. Real Madrid Foundation hosts a football camp in Spain every year just the same as the one hosted here in Shanghai.

Living Word Shanghai is the official partner of the Real Madrid Campus Experience in China. We bring kids wonderful activities every year to help promote football’s popularity in China while at the same time enhancing relations between Spain and China through sport.

The Real Madrid Foundation Summer Camp involves training of fundamental football skills, physical training, as well as the study of football theory and tactics. Real Madrid Foundation sends a senior and professional coach to the school to provide training for our camp trainees. The summer camp is for kids aged 7 to 17 and is taught based on age and football skill level.

Through training, we hope our trainees can enhance their abilities and personalities by building up their confidence, learning to cooperate with others, sharing with their friends, taking care of themselves and adapting to changing environments. After training concludes, there will be improvements on students’ daily habits and comprehensive qualities.

Real Madrid Foundation’s elite training camp teaches kids how to with advanced real lesson plans, an active Foundation Real Madrid coach, English teaching, themed activities, and promote international communication. Students can enjoy a first-class football education while at the same time developing aspects of teamwork, strategy, sharing, and self-discipline.