American Principal

Mr. David Miskimen is the president of Living Word High School in Jackson, Wisconsin. He has over 10 years’ experience, was a former American high school football coach, and also serves as co-president of Living Word Shanghai Bilingual School. His valuable experience guides the all-rounded development of Living Word Shanghai Bilingual School’s students and curriculum. It is his hope that students can excel in physical education, community practice, music, art and drama for a comprehensive development of talent. He strives to make every Living Word Shanghai Bilingual School student a qualified citizen of the world.

Mr. Miskimen believes that education is a process of long-term cooperation between families, students, and the school. “Graduates of our school possess strong levels of confidence and are able to tackle new challenges with ease. They have picked up these good habits through their education here at Living Word Shanghai.”

Mr. Miskimen plays a part in administrating both campuses with a primary focus on the Jackson campus. He is in regular contact with the staff at Living Word Shanghai and visits the campus several times every year to ensure that the curriculum, teachers, operations, and quality of education is maintained at an adequate level.