Quality Education

 Living Word Shanghai Bilingual School’s mission is to develop international-minded leaders in all walks of life. We attach special importance to the development of students’ academic, athletic, and artistic ability, while developing their EQ and IQ to allow them to become a productive member of society. Utilizing a combination of Chinese and Western educational methodologies with an innovative curriculum, our students are able to learn and develop holistically.

In order for students to develop a strong physique, work ethic, and team spirit, Living Word Shanghai offers a variety of sports elective courses including Basketball, Badminton, Football, Aerobics, Martial Arts, Dance, Yoga, and more. We hope students can feel each sport’s competitive spirit and strive to achieve greatness.

Art and Music cultivates a positive and confident attitude towards life. Arts and music classes on offer include sketching, carving, painting, sculpture, calligraphy, graphic design, drama, classical dance, modern dance, and more.

Music brings people together and is an essential part of a quality education. With guidance from the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra our music courses not only teach knowledge of music but also place an emphasis on practical performance. The school regularly holds concerts, featuring orchestra, choir, and a stage for students to perform.

EQ construction is the basis of all social activities in the future. Living Word Shanghai pays close attention to the psychological growth of students and has expert consulting teams aid students develop psychologically. The team gives guidance to students, helps them to develop a positive state of mind, and sets up the correct outlook on life, values, and the world.

Living Word Shanghai regularly holds a Leaders Forum, inviting the elite of our society from various walks of life to give a speech in our school. Students can choose to meet social elites, economic, financial, banking, real estate, lawyers, artists, and more by voting through mediums such as WeChat. Business executives or celebrities interact with the students in person, share advanced industry information and success stories so as to give students a positive influence and driving force.