Development of EQ

Living Word Shanghai pays close attention to the psychological development of its students and has expert consulting teams to help students develop psychologically in a healthy way. The team gives guidance to students, helps them to develop a positive state of mind, and sets up the correct outlook on life, values, and the world. Modern society requires high levels of EQ and IQ in order to succeed, and Living Word Shanghai guides students to a high level of both.

Healthy Mindset and Development of EQ
The Emotional Quotient refers to the mood, emotions, will, and tolerance of people. It also refers to an individual’s ability to understand, relate, and get along with others. A high EQ level is critically important in this day and age and regarded as a valuable life skill.

Living Word Shanghai understands the importance of positive thinking in students still in the process of growing up. We attach great importance to students’ psychological development and make great efforts to ensure that students are able to develop holistically in all aspects of their mental health.

Students aged 11 to 18 are most vulnerable to psychological problems as they begin to deal with the stresses of adolescence, puberty, and growing up while balancing other stress factors like family pressure, self-image, and insecurity. Some students will inevitably fall into states of depression, anxiety, and other negative psychological states. At this point they require professional guidance and Living Word Shanghai is proud to be able to provide such a service. Our counseling team are a group of professionally trained individuals who specialize in counseling students through these issues.

Positive Thinking
Teaching students how to think positively and not let the stresses of studying is a matter of great importance to us. Our school’s professional counseling team pays close attention to the mental health of our students and provides counseling services to those in need.

Our counseling team is a group of professionally certified and trained individuals who specialize in counseling students through these issues. They fully understand students’ issues, listen to their problems, and are able to develop a solution to help them through troubling times.