Our Curriculum

The students of Living Word Shanghai can experience authentic American education methods without going overseas.With our unique course curriculum, we create a personalized schedule catered to our students' interests and future endeavors to ensure that students are able to attain the knowledge needed to strengthen creative thinking skills.

Curriculum Design
The curriculum design is focused on the well-rounded development of knowledge, skills and real-world values. Various physical education courses ensure and improve students’ physical fitness. Fine art courses provide a creative outlet for students. In addition, there are a variety of innovative courses designed specifically for Chinese students.

Personalized Schedules for Well-rounded Development
All classes at Living Word Shanghai are conducted in classes with no greater than 25 students, to encourage more daily interaction with teachers. Students have the freedom to select courses from a wide variety of options and create a personalized schedule catered to their interests and future endeavors. Also, students have the ability to choose classes of varying difficulty depending on individual learning capabilities. Students are encouraged to communicate with the academic team regarding their specific abilities, resulting in a constantly improving and evolving curriculum design which remains consistent with real-world experiences.

Various AP courses
According to the level of studies, all the high school students will have the opportunity to study in AP courses. Courses are offered to students who express an interest in a rigorous, challenging environment. AP courses are essential for students planning on attending universities in the United States, as they allow college course credit to be earned while still in high school, and their completion shows universities that students are prepared to handle the accelerated course work.

World Language and Chinese Courses
Currently Living Word Shanghai offers: German, French, Spanish, Korean, Chinese, and Japanese as world language classes for all students. Chinese and international students can further improve language ability and be better prepared for futures in the international job market. In addition, pre-high school and pre-middle school students will continue to take Chinese language courses to ensure their native language skills are not neglected.

A Variety of Credit Courses
Using the American credit system, all completed courses will receive a corresponding credit. Particularly for the fall and spring semesters, students can participate in the summer semester to earn additional credits. This is advantageous when students need to make up a class or for credit recovery purposes. Students are required to complete all credits listed in the Graduation Requirements to receive a diploma. In addition to credit courses inside Living Word Shanghai, students are welcomed to attend overseas credit-bearing classes with Living Word Lutheran High School or college-level classes with Concordia University in Wisconsin.