Summer Activity

New semesters always have students anxious about the new environment, new classmates, and new teachers. Living Word Shanghai understands this and provides students with a month-long Real Madrid Foundation Summer Camp as well as Bridge Program to familiarize students with learning in the school while having fun learning football techniques with a Real Madrid Foundation star.

Our Bridge Program helps students transition into an American-style curriculum and become familiar with our curriculum and school. The program includes curriculum adaptation programs, English training programs for students to become used to speaking English, and many more programs to help familiarize students with the Living Word experience.

Living Word Shanghai is the official partner of the Real Madrid Campus Experience in China. We bring kids wonderful activities every year. Advanced real lesson plans, an active Foundation Real Madrid coach, English teaching, themed activities, and promote international communication. Students can enjoy a first-class football education while at the same time developing aspects of teamwork, strategy, sharing, and self-discipline.

Living Word Shanghai provides opportunities for its students to study and visit abroad while earning credits for courses back home. It not only benefits their academic performance here, but also prepares them for a future of studying abroad overseas.