Educational Philosophy

Living Word Shanghai Educational Vision:Development of social responsibility and leadership skills,

Become an active part of students’ academic performance,
Guide students to establish a positive outlook on the world,
Develop students’ emotional intelligence

Our Vision

Helps students develop their emotional quotients, intelligence quotients, natural
abilities and skills
Develop good learning and studying habits in students, promote independent thinking
and critical thinking ability
Discover personal interests and talents;
Help students establish correct values and set a meaningful life goal.


Enjoyment, Interest, Willingness – The Process of Learning
Communication, Leadership, Cooperation – Qualities of a Leader
Curiosity, Inspection, Judgment – Development of Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
Positive psychology training allows children to develop healthy mindsets
5+2>7 philosophy, trust and cooperation between teachers and parents

School Vision
Train Globally-minded Leaders From All Walks of Life

What are the characteristics of a capable leader?
Love and empathy
Actively pursue knowledge and understanding
Independent thinking and critical thinking skills
Correct values and perspective of life and the world