The Leadership Forum

Living Word Shanghai is committed to developing leaders on a national level and social level. To achieve this, our curriculum is designed to extract the leadership qualities of each student through unique programs and courses. Living Word Shanghai still holds regular Leadership Forums to motivate students to become leaders in the future. The Leadership Forum has quickly become a school tradition.

Living Word Shanghai regularly holds a Leadership Forum, inviting the elite of our society from various walks of life to give a speech in our school. Students can choose to meet social elites, economic, financial, banking, real estate, lawyers, artists, and more by voting through mediums such as WeChat. Business executives or celebrities interact with the students in person, share advanced industry information and success stories so as to give students a positive influence and driving force on their journey.

Formulating a Sense of Value

Success is making a positive contribution to society. All leaders are positive, independent, and value the innate differences in each individual’s personality. Living Word Shanghai is proud to be able to motivate students to become leaders by providing them a platform for them to succeed thanks to our programs, clubs, and curriculum that emphasizes personal choice and motivated decision making.

Purpose of the Leadership Forum
• Let students find and pursue their own interests, hobbies, and abilities
• Help students set their own learning goals by providing them with professional direction as they move to apply for Universities
• Create opportunities for students in the future by teaching them how to impact their communities
• Motivate students to enhance their critical thinking abilities and desire to acquire knowledge naturally
• Allow leaders to serve as mentors and let students see the value of education

The Leadership Forum has received praise from students and will only continue to improve! All students, staff, and teachers are welcome! We welcome you all!