Romain Rolland once said that: “The great significance of art is that it reveals the true feelings of people, their secret inner lives and the passion of the world.” Honore de Balzac, renowned playwright, said: “Art is the treasure of virtue”. Art no doubt occupies an important part of our lives and sentiments. 

Enhance Appreciation for the Arts
Living Word Shanghai Bilingual School’s Arts Department strives to increase students’ appreciation for all aspects of the Arts; to achieve this goal we offer a variety of fine arts and performance arts courses. We believe an appreciation of the Arts leads to a better appreciation for life.

Arts Curriculum
Living Word Shanghai’s performance arts courses include drama appreciation, drama, dance (classical and modern), and more. Drama and dance courses place an emphasis on aspects of performance to help students increase their confidence and ability to perform in front of an audience.

Drama courses are offered in varying levels and provide students who have never performed before with an opportunity to start. Classroom activities emphasize the relationship between performance, literature, history, and culture. Students will learn the entire process of scene creation from the drawing board to the actual performance.

The dance curriculum primarily features to kinds of classical and modern dance, Chinese and Western dance. Dance performance and physical exercise are the key goals of dance class.

Living Word Shanghai pays attention the needs and requests of students. Should students want to propose a new course be added to the curriculum, they only need submit a formal application as well as acquire 10 signatures in total from other interested students for their request to be considered.