About Us

Thank you to all of our students and parents for their interest in Living Word Shanghai Bilingual School as well for their continued attention, trust, and support! We look forward to a successful future in your educational journeys!

The purpose of a quality international education is to teach students correct values, provide them with a positive outlook on life as well as an international outlook on the world around them; it also serves to develop each individual student’s natural interests and abilities.

Living Word Shanghai Bilingual School features world-class educational resources, not only in the curriculum and its proper integration, but also in its ability to teach cultural values, develop emotional intelligence, and its ability to help students become adept in the field of their choice. International language development, an international mindset, nurturing of creativity and social responsibility all allow students to develop holistically and in a well-rounded way. These factors combined with proper social practice and social activities provide students with the opportunity to enter the world's top universities.

I and all our staff always adhere to this philosophy; future leaders, managers and social elites start out from our school and natural talent shows itself! This is the greatest achievement we have gained in our educational work.

Living Word Shanghai Bilingual School eagerly awaits you!

Edward Jan Fang
President of Living Word Shanghai Bilingual School