Star Principal

Principal Jiang Dongxia previously served as Principal of Shanghai Tianshan No.1 Primary School, Principal of Shanghai Changning Experimental Primary School, and Principal of Shanghai Song Qingling Primary School. She won the "National Excellent Teacher" award, "National Primary School Ten Star Principal" award, the "Innovative Educational Professional" award as well as the "Shanghai Outstanding Principal" award, and many more honorary titles. Her motto is to be “Calm like water and strong like steel”. She is known by society as one of the most charismatic Principals in Shanghai. 

Principal Meng Yonggen previously served as Vice-president of Shanghai Xianxia Gubei Senior School. Principal Meng pays special attention to quality education and the development of humanistic knowledge within his students. He has cooperated numerous times with the Shanghai Board of Education to actively promote the Peking Opera into various campus activities. Believing strongly in Chinese traditional virtue and spirit, he believes that an internationalized education can produce excellent students.