Campus Life

There exists in The Analects of Confucius a phrase that goes, “Among any three people walking, I will surely find something to learn.” We apply this philosophy to our campus life and believe that the school’s multicultural atmosphere is critical for the healthy growth of our students.

Living Word Shanghai also encourages students to organize amongst themselves student associations and clubs that can bring like-minded individuals together. Additionally, students must also participate in community service activities as a graduation requirement. A colorful and multicultural school life is a major feature of Living Word Shanghai; we hope all students can find their own interests and talents, lead an interesting extracurricular life, to help lay a solid foundation for their future.

Living World Shanghai fully respects and supports the development of students' interests. We encourage students to organize student clubs, carry out extra-curricular activities and pursue their personal interests and hobbies. So far, there are many different types of student clubs such as news club, key club, computer club, drama club, dance club, garden club, debate club, skate club, badminton club, basketball club, soccer club, anime club, art music club, kickboxing club, and DIY club.

Living Word Shanghai provides students with all kinds of social practice and overseas internship opportunities to help students realize their ability and interests while they determine their professional direction. This plays an important role in applying for overseas Universities in the future.

We hope that students not only succeed academically, but also develop a strong sense of morals and responsibility. We encourage our students to participate in community service and charity activities, such as helping out in nursing homes or organizing art supply donation charity activities.

Travelling 10,000 steps is more valuable than reading 10,000 books. Living Word Shanghai school regularly carries out a variety of cultural exchange activities outside the school, including calligraphy exhibitions, Chinese painting fairs, tea ceremony exhibition, city tours and visits to historical and cultural attractions, etc.