Integration of Chinese and Western Education
Living Word Shanghai Bilingual School strictly implements Shanghai’s 二期课改policy, in addition to all its curriculum standards and adheres to its basic education and teaching principles. Our curriculum is also integrated and synchronous with the American curriculum and focuses on each students’ individual development so as to allow them to become a valuable world citizen with international vision to provide more opportunities for them to study in the future.

International Language Environment, Multi-language learning and training
Living Word Shanghai Bilingual School encourages each student to master a third language in addition to English. At present, we offer French, Spanish, German, Korean, Chinese, and Japanese. Sixth grade students are able and encouraged to select a world language course if their English level is above a certain level. Each language teaching teacher is a foreign teacher; students are able to enjoy a more immersive and enjoyable language learning experience.

The Next Base for Real Madrid Foundation
Living Word Shanghai Bilingual School and Real Madrid Foundation regularly cooperate to exchange educational resources. James Sanchez, a football star recommended to us from Real Madrid Foundation is currently coaching in our school and fully integrated into our Physical Education curriculum. Students are able to experience for themselves working and playing with a football star.

Real Madrid Foundation Summer Camp is an annual football training camp that happens at Living Word Shanghai Bilingual School. Values of teamwork, cooperation, and discipline are stressed so that kids are able to fully enjoy football and form lasting friendships. The presence of a football star helps students become confident in their abilities, enhance their desire to be a part of a team, want them to train harder, and learn how to cooperate. These facets will in turn allow them to develop holistically to become strong leaders in the future.

Develop Artistic Ability
Living Word Shanghai Bilingual School follows in Yale University and New York’s Parsons School of Design’s footsteps in their art and design courses to help students find their own interests and expertise in the fine arts and music. The art program, which includes painting, sketching, color and design courses; the music program, which includes piano, chorus, rock music courses all serve to cultivate students' artistic talents allowing students to become all-round talents.

Living Word Shanghai Bilingual School strongly emphasizes a good mindset and does this through a specialized Psychology program. Training students to have a positive mindset and good thinking habits is an important matter in our school’s vision. Our program teaches students how to think positively, how to perform at their best ability, and teaches them how to think and ask questions. Our school features special classes in Positive Psychology and special interest activities that involves students and parents alike to participate in their education experience.

Upon request, Living Word Lutheran High School provides a stream of candidates for our consideration. Our current teaching staff is a team of highly qualified teachers, both foreign and bilingual. All of our bilingual teaching staff have extensive experience studying in the United States or other locations overseas. They take their responsibilities seriously and strive to develop personalized growth plans for each student.

1st to 12th Grade Consistent Curriculum
Living Word Shanghai Bilingual School has received approval from the Education Bureau of Minhang District to provide education to students from 1st to 9th grade; Our 9th to 12th grade program is a pure American-style education. Living Word Shanghai Bilingual School provides a sustainable learning environment and educational opportunities for its students. Seamless education from 1st to 12th grade, allowing students interested in studying abroad the same experience from home.

International Etiquette for International Social Skills

For children to develop an important team spirit, leadership skills, basic etiquette, diet, and personal health habits, they need not only learn but also to adapt to different environment from different parts of the world. To properly become a little gentleman or a little lady will lay the foundation for success on the world stage.

Entrance to top-100 American Universities

Over 60% of Living Word Shanghai Bilingual School’s graduates went on to study in top-50 ranked Universities. 100% of all graduates went on to study in top-100 Universities.