School Profile

Living Word Shanghai Bilingual School is an approved and accredited educational institution qualified to provide an education for grade 1-9 students in accordance with the Shanghai Educational Bureau. The school is located in Shanghai Minhang District’s Huacao Town; its location within the Hongqiao International School Community means that it is rich in International School culture.

Living Word Shanghai Bilingual School actively implements and intertwines Shanghai’s Second-phase Curriculum Reform within our American educational curriculum. Living Word Shanghai’s Bilingual Education philosophy allows students to fully challenge themselves with Shanghai’s Curriculum Reform curriculum while learning, living, and experiencing an American-style educational atmosphere. Graduates of Living Word Shanghai are internationally-minded, capable, and confident individuals ready to face challenges on a global level.

Living Word Shanghai Bilingual School believes that internationally-minded leaders are brought up from childhood. Leadership skills are developed through a holistic education, which incorporates elements of community service and social practice. We strongly believe in a mutual trust and co-operation between our school’s parents and students. Our “5+2>7” philosophy indicates that a combination of 5 school days with our teachers plus 2 weekend days supplemented by parents synergistically creates a more effective learning environment for students.

Living Word Shanghai Bilingual School has world-class facilities inside and outside the school. Our football field is large enough to accommodate a full-scale match and our indoor gymnasium has space for many sports such as basketball and badminton. We also have dance halls, music rooms, computer rooms, student dormitories, etc. Our team of professional foreign and bilingual teaching staff work together to ensure that each student receives enough attention in the classroom.

Living Word Shanghai Bilingual School is proud to be affiliated with the Concordia Education Group, a resource that we share with our sister school in Jackson, Wisconsin, Living Word Lutheran High School. The Concordia University System provides excellent foreign teachers and educational resources for Living Word Shanghai Bilingual School.