Innovative Management Model

 As a full-time boarding school, Living Word Shanghai Bilingual School has professional homeroom teachers and dormitory teachers that work hand in hand to ensure students are properly and fairly managed. Our school closely manages the use of cell phones as well as provides a professional counseling service for students in need.

Cell Phone Management
Our cell phone management system ensures students do not become too distracted by games, videos, and chatting with the use of their cell phones day in and day out. Before class, phones are to be turned in to teachers and all other electronic devices, such as calculators and electronic dictionaries, should be used only for academic purposes or stored in the dormitories.

Bilingual Teacher Guidance
Living Word Shanghai has a large number of experienced native English speaking teaching staff, being a bilingual school. For problems in understanding course content due to language barriers, each class has a Bilingual teacher that will assist with problems in understanding. Living Word Shanghai also has a Bridge Program that helps students “bridge” gaps in their English and have them become used to the idea of English being used as an every day language.

Living Word Shanghai wishes that students can develop and grow in a healthy way. Our counseling team exists to help students utilize positive psychology and thinking habits to improve the quality of their life. Our counseling department head, Mr. Tyren McElwee and his team of counselors, Ms. April Xiao and Ms. Lydia Liu, guide students in a positive and professional way to help them establish the correct values and outlook on life.