打响战”疫” || 直击美高双语网课第一天!

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This Monday, Living Word Shanghai officially started online classes. Before that, many parents shared concern if the curriculum and school curriculum of the Municipal Education Commission will be properly arranged. Will this influence the child’s learning and focus when class is arranged in front of the TV and computer? Will the quality of online classes be relatively worse than onsite classes?



As a matter of fact, observing the online classes and after-school feedback of Living Word Shanghai students that day was more positive than what was expected. It seems that students still know when to take classwork seriously. "I woke up at 6:30 today, the same as if I were going to school." some students said that they had issues adjusting the schedule between work and rest due to the extended holiday, but today was different. "Although at home, our heart is at school. The first day of school, we must have a sense of ceremony."







During this online teaching, LWS combines the US curriculum and curriculum of the Municipal Education Commission, and takes considered both a cultural and scientific blend of the subject. This also fully adapts to the work and rest arrangement of the students', and give schecules that suits each grade, so both students and parents can share an arrangement to study and live.

所有老师们通过包括班级微信群、晓黑板app 、zoom会议视频软件、邮件私信等网络软件组合完成同学们的签到、作业布置、作业批改、课堂答疑解惑和反馈等。并和家长和学生建立紧密联系,加强了师生互动。

All teachers complete the students' check-in, assignment, assignment correction, feedback of correction and classroom Q & A through the combination of network softwares such as class wechat group, Xiao Blackboard app, ZOOM conference software, emails, etc. Parents and students are also able to establish a bond, and strengthen the interaction between teachers and students.











For students, after the Chinese New Year holiday, they finally opened their video to see their favorite teacher, and the instructors provided a fully prepared online class. Although it was on a video screen, they were also quite excited to see a familiar face. Some students used computers to watch, and it was literally a virtual experience that was just like being at school; some students used mobile phones to study without computers; others enjoyed learning on the TV, it's just like watching the Spring Festival Gala, a family sits in front of the TV, and students with their parents learn together.





A beautiful life







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First Day



Many teachers shared their experience since the online courses began:












On the first day of online class learning, students quickly entered the a learning state.



Feedback from Some students : "the teaching content is explained very clearly. Although there is no interaction, this way can make me think more quietly about the content of the course."


Another student said: "the teaching method of online class is also very interesting. The advantage is that online class is very fast and free for us to learn at home.  As long as there is a computer or mobile phone, classes can be held at any time.". Besides, the online class can be played back infinitely, so that it is convenient for the students who didn't listen clearly or didn't understand to watch again. The disadvantage is: without the interaction with teachers in school, I feel less interesting, and the understanding of knowledge points is not so deep. "


First day of the online class. Because the teachers are well prepared, we have carried out our study smoothly. Learning at home, we have more tempting and more distracting, but it also exercises our ability of independent learning."







On the first day of the online course, we expected to encounter several limitations and issues that come with online teaching, but we quickly learned that the positive attitude and enthusiasm of our students made this process easy. After an extended holiday, long distance, we too felt the itch for learning. We believe that as long as all the teachers and students come hand to hand in cooperation, they will be able to overcome the difficulties during this challenging time.



In the coming days, we will gather at the "internet" to jointly open "internet-based" learning. The school also hopes that all of us can be conscientious in epidemic prevention. We will wait for the flowers to bloom on the road and return to the earth in spring~

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