苏瑞婕 Jessie

Trying and working hard is the best way of learning. Only the insistent effort and willingly attempt can help make continuous progress and improvement.



姜雨矇 Katrina


吕耘 Lindsay

One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way.Language is the road map of a culture. It tells you where its people come from and where they are going.




As a teacher, I always concerned about my responsibility. I spent a lot of time and keep in step with students. It makes me feel education is not only get excellent result but also have good personality and make better future for students.

胡雯 Wendy

Educating the mind and educating the heart are equally important.

Wendy C

Science is more than learning facts and concepts. I believe we should not only provide students with the basic content knowledge but also provide them with the skills necessary to develop questions and investigate the answers to those questions.  



Jacky Teng

Computer Science and Steam are always correlated and we can see it everywhere in the world these days. Such as Amazon using its platform and UAV drones to ensure quality and efficient goods are delivered to their customers. I hope to educate and bring a whole new experience in this to your children. Thus, I look forward to seeing them in our Steam & Computer Science classes soon!!!


Jeff Thompson

By using five Cs of understanding communication, collaboration, critical thinking, complex problem solving and creativity, we look at science, technology, engineering, art and math as part of the basis for steam and integration of robotics and computer programming

高婷婷 Tia

李维维 Grace


张晓祥 Sunny


陈慧琳 Penny



任彤 Rita



黄晓恬 Alina







Ty Molyneaux


Students should be cultivated in a positive manner that encourages them to succeed in their academic journey. As they strive for success, so too should the instructor look to establish individual relationships with young learners in order to further their development in a personal way.  




程玉珍 Yolanda

Good at giving methodical and patient guidance;Trigger motivation inside of students

王莉惠 Wendy.W


方璐 Lydia Fang






朱旭 Mickey Zhu



徐仁晓 Rachel Xu



覃日红 Amy Qin


鲍萌萌 Mia Bao


李秀荣 Lory



刘晓阳 Polly




姚京灵 Sophia



陈晓玲 Vicky


李明玉 Alice


钟梅 May


刘冠男 Amber


段楠楠 Amy


马林慧 Lindy.Ma


Juan David Ramirez Gonzalez

As I firmly believe that music is a gift for every soul, for a contemporary music education experience, my style of teaching replaces traditional teaching strategies with innovative ones that focus on inclusion and engagement. I offer wider musical options and collaborations for the students to better meet the needs of the contemporary world full of diversity and versatility. I am great at making learning fun and enjoyable so that the students stay motivated. I aim to execute an educational and cohesive curriculum which are engaging and responsive to students’ individual interests.



Olivier Salmon

The goal at Living Word Shanghai is to develop an understanding and appreciation for art. Living Word Shanghai art class includes teaching theories, contexts, and the ability to create and respond to art. Course content is created around art criticism, art history, art techniques and the context the art was created in.

崔立正 Aaron Cui

创新 基础 审美 思辨 独立 逆商 美德

孟君 Joy

姚鋆 Alex

Interest is the best source of motivation for learning. Only by understanding the rules can we have better creativity and pluralistic thinking. Look at the students with appreciation, treat them with tolerance, teach them with inspiring language, and lead them with normative behavior.